Unhinged Reno Park Authority Gets Filmed

Quite honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this. Something about removing a fly from a friend’s nose with a hatchet, or to that effect.

While I am perfectly okay and with the guy getting pissed off about some kids making his job harder, spending tax dollars to fix the park, but can we say “public relations?”

In today’s world, Big Brother is actually, and most likely, someone’s little brother, with an iPhone or some other kind of recording device, catching people in what should be considered embarrassing acts. Would the City of Reno or Washoe County be particularly thrilled to hear this guy talking like this to the kids of taxpayers? Lack of identification aside, even if he were an authority with a badge, should he be engaging people like this? Most notably, saying Reno is a shit hole meanwhile trying to instill a sense of fear and morality of local youth, even more while supposed to be doing a job for the City of Reno.   Interesting approach.

Especially since the kids were of the general opinion, “Okay, we’ll leave—-sorry…”  None of the youth were being jerks, well, unless you ask the trees and landscaping.  And this guy.

I’ll let the rest of you decide. It’s funny in one way, disturbing in others, and filled with not-safe-for-work audio content.

QRA saves the day.

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7 responses to “Unhinged Reno Park Authority Gets Filmed”

  1. Larry DeVincenzi says:

    I think this moment of testosterone is embarrassing for both parties (and anyone who watches it).

    Sad… boorishly funny…and scary. I expected him to pull a knife and murder all the campers. Might be a good enough plot for two movies – who knows.

  2. Kyle Weiss says:

    I don’t think they were campers. It was obviously in Reno proper and in a city park… I’m wondering if it’s a Washoe County worker of some kind. In winter, I see kids frequently building snow ramps in some of the parks and taking wheel-less skate decks and snowboards and riding down them.

    • Larry DeVincenzi says:

      The real problem is he thinks he’s funny. And as a City employee (which we have no proof of either way), he should be reprimanded/suspended at the least. What a Goon.

  3. Clint Jolly says:

    I’m not sure where he works, doesn’t really clarify that. He’s a little off for a municipal employee. But, I can understand his frustration. Maybe a bit overboard on the language and ranting but he got the point across.

    Best thing about it- We may get some new shirts out of it!

  4. James Dilworth says:

    Hmm, his uniform looks like a park ranger. And since we’ve not had that much snow recently, I don’t think it’s within the last month. A bad video for everyone involved: the kids wanting to make a tube for their snowboards and the ranger, who just sounds burnt out. He needs to think about doing something else if that’s what he’s telling kids…

  5. Kyle Weiss says:

    It is my understanding this individual was identified (but name not released) and is no longer working with the City of Reno.

  6. Jason says:

    This guy is damn funny! I want to hire him to do a monologue!!

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