Today in pretty cool ideas: A digital trailhead for Reno

One of the great things about Reno is that it’s full of people who know how awesome it is. One such person is Eric Hatch, who wants to build a digital trailhead for downtown Reno. The vision: Anyone with a gps-enabled device could sync that device to this trailhead, and the trailhead would draw maps showing the pedestrian activity patterns of those who had synced up to the trailhead.

The video is great and highlights a very important point: Reno is a great pedestrian environment.

Better yet, there are a lot of locations around downtown that would be perfect spots for the trailhead. The one that springs to my mind immediately when I see the drawing of the trailhead is the train trench cover at Virginia and Commercial Row.

Eric Hatch recently presented this idea to the City Council (link). The reception was good, but the project could still use some actual financial support.

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