The Open Goldberg Variations

One of my favorite musical compositions, and probably one of the most beautiful of any music is the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian BachThis is obviously old news since The Goldberg Variations was written and published back in 1741. The news part of it is this Open Source edition of the Goldbergs, along with a new edition copy of the score (so you can play the music at home) and a great recording in FLAC or mp3 by German/Japanese pianist, weightlifter, and awesome lady Kimiko Ishizaka. You can download the score, mp3, and FLAC here. If you don’t know, Open Source means that it’s free as in free of charge to use, download, and listen to at your leisure. Not to mention that it’s a totally legal download, if you have qualms about that. I’ve listened to it and it’s a wonderful version, something worth the hour or so of listening and downloading. If you want a good and painless way to get into classical music, try this version of the Goldbergs. After all, it is free and wonderful.

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