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PS3 Fix: Yellow Light Of Death

Our PS3 just died.  It ate our Netflix, and we were pissed.  We tried the ghetto hair dryer technique, and it didn’t work.  This, however, did:

My only variation on this fix was the use of a hair dryer rather than an expensive heat gun. Use 1/4″ inch from each area for 80 seconds on each area — that will make sense if you watch the video.

Keep in mind that even if you do this fix, it isn’t a 100% fix or solution to the problem.  “Reflowing” (re-heating) an overheated chip is a safeguard to fire and to protect other components.  Others that have used this technique have noted it can work for a day or for a year.  It is the death call of your PS3 one way or the other.

Use at your own risk, and as I always say, don’t lose your screws. It made our PS3 work, and for how long, who knows, but considering a post-warranty fix is $150, and usually for a refurbished model that won’t last long either, this is a method you could try.

If it’s just enough to get the disc out, so be it:  otherwise, you’re tearing into the Blu-Ray drive.

Good luck!


Unhinged Reno Park Authority Gets Filmed

Quite honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this. Something about removing a fly from a friend’s nose with a hatchet, or to that effect.

While I am perfectly okay and with the guy getting pissed off about some kids making his job harder, spending tax dollars to fix the park, but can we say “public relations?”

In today’s world, Big Brother is actually, and most likely, someone’s little brother, with an iPhone or some other kind of recording device, catching people in what should be considered embarrassing acts. Would the City of Reno or Washoe County be particularly thrilled to hear this guy talking like this to the kids of taxpayers? Lack of identification aside, even if he were an authority with a badge, should he be engaging people like this? Most notably, saying Reno is a shit hole meanwhile trying to instill a sense of fear and morality of local youth, even more while supposed to be doing a job for the City of Reno.   Interesting approach.

Especially since the kids were of the general opinion, “Okay, we’ll leave—-sorry…”  None of the youth were being jerks, well, unless you ask the trees and landscaping.  And this guy.

I’ll let the rest of you decide. It’s funny in one way, disturbing in others, and filled with not-safe-for-work audio content.

QRA saves the day.