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As we say goodbye to 1998……

Another teary eyed remembrance of days gone by? NO!

I’ve been observing the continuously stress inducing growth of a de-evolutional mindset that is and in someways, was 1998. 1998 was to many a great time, Clinton was in office, the country was in a state of perceived growth. A Jetta in every garage, an Espresso maker in every kitchen and the “it’s all good” mentality lulled us into a complacent holding pattern. We were safe from each other, because we didn’t need to concern ourselves with each other. Any, and all social interactions could be livened up with quotes from Swingers, or the ever popular Austin Powers. It was a time of celebration, terrible post-grunge/nu-metal; and the birth of the inner-social(*1) self.

If you didn’t see fit to dress nice, Black Flys, flame adorned western wear and baggy jeans could still get you laid! (*2) Go…go…devo! Before we get into the social vacuum that became of the internet, we should probably address REALITY TV. By 1998 eMTV had entered the final stages of strip mining music from its main channel, after realizing that music and culture elicits jealously, and indifference from the end user (waves); in this business paradigm a mirror for the burgeoning ego, is worth two high profile advertisers, and nothing more.

Even in regression, mankind has the ability to adapt. Thus, this unscrupulous cyst, of sociopathic narcissism, subtle in its homogenized safety, reasserts itself via new catch phrases, and the constant casualization of attire. Wife Beaters, and Tramp Stamps at a wedding? We could only be so lucky!

As society reflects this lack of individuality (as a desperate grasp at individuality?), we see gaps forming in the various class structures; based more on the demographics of conjecture, than that of substance, and the fostering of human culture. The coddled entitled child may choose this vacuum, over interaction, and the wisdom gained by introspection. By allowing this separation from reality, we enable a generation of chiefs to sit on their hands. i.e. The goals are easily attainable, at any of these fine retailers, you just have to bring your attitude, and your plastic (ass’d self…).

By reviewing the attitudes, or low-tact reactions of these ‘stars’, we commit to integrating our egos, and stoic opinions, with how people react to and address problems; without ever having to bother with ‘real’ people. Solutions, tact, and compromise take the back seat to entitlement, and audacity. In this, only the self exists (in the state of a hive like mind virus). Without reflection or thought, we are conditioned to victimize ourselves, in order to elicit sympathy, or to piss on someone’s tree because they’re ruining our Pretty Princess Birthday :(

The notion that perception is reality, negates any valid form of logic, and insists upon a vaguely cloaked prejudice of finite portions (see: politically correct), a person is not equal to being a person, due to any variance deemed unnecessary to popular society. One learns to back away from discussions, indifference is next to godliness; “whatever” becomes the neu/neo Bohemian Nihilistic battle cry. The same regressive logic was used to indoctrinate Germany, you were either with the party, or you turned a blind eye to it. To this, 1998; I will leave you with a quote from Winston Churchill.

“we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,”

*1 society devoid of self by the reinforcement of a hive self. see: Nazi Propaganda Technics, Cult of personality.

*2 note to hipsters- we are trying to get rid of this abomination, please wait five or so years after it dies out to bring it back ironically, I’m sure you can trade your fixie, and radiohead cds in for a lifted truck and some Korn cds