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Unhinged Reno Park Authority Gets Filmed

Quite honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this. Something about removing a fly from a friend’s nose with a hatchet, or to that effect.

While I am perfectly okay and with the guy getting pissed off about some kids making his job harder, spending tax dollars to fix the park, but can we say “public relations?”

In today’s world, Big Brother is actually, and most likely, someone’s little brother, with an iPhone or some other kind of recording device, catching people in what should be considered embarrassing acts. Would the City of Reno or Washoe County be particularly thrilled to hear this guy talking like this to the kids of taxpayers? Lack of identification aside, even if he were an authority with a badge, should he be engaging people like this? Most notably, saying Reno is a shit hole meanwhile trying to instill a sense of fear and morality of local youth, even more while supposed to be doing a job for the City of Reno.   Interesting approach.

Especially since the kids were of the general opinion, “Okay, we’ll leave—-sorry…”  None of the youth were being jerks, well, unless you ask the trees and landscaping.  And this guy.

I’ll let the rest of you decide. It’s funny in one way, disturbing in others, and filled with not-safe-for-work audio content.

QRA saves the day.

Gender Inequality: Evidently, Child Rape Isn’t A Big Deal…

…when you’re Marie Fisher.

Sooooo… why did it take me a month to discover  a Washoe County School District employee, Marie Fisher, was screwing a student that went to her school?  That is under the age of 16?

Why, exactly, is this tiny KOLO blurb and this obscure KTVN spot the ONLY instances of this news story I can find?

This may sound controversial, but I suspect it is because Marie Fisher is a woman.

I don’t have children, nor do I profess a profound care for how the public school system works, as I also am no longer involved within it.  What I don’t like, however, are people that predate kids for their own sexual satisfaction.  Especially when they are in a teaching capacity.  Even more especially when they have used this teaching capacity to gain the sexual favor of someone’s child, when they probably were supposed to be learning.  Now, to be fair, this “sexual misconduct and seduction” might not have happened on school grounds. Luckily, someone thought something was up and called police.

She is/was in jail with $7,000 bail for Sexual Misconduct, a class B felony, and Statutory Sexual Seduction–this happened a month ago, so who knows.

Besides the gender bias, the Washoe County School District Police Chief Mike Mieras had a few things to say that somewhat support the casual nature of this issue. He was not quoted by the KOLO article linked above, but I will quote what the KOLO article stated: “Mieras says he doesn’t know if Fisher was aware that sex between students and teachers is against the law. Now it’s up to the courts what happens. The class B felony carries jail, prison and fines.”

Um, say what?  Did someone just pat her on the head and assume her feigned ignorance to the obvious?

So what to do? Ballot initiatives asking the public if this should remain illegal? Should there be signs in the classroom that say “Teachers:  No Sex With Kids!”…?   Memos?  Warning labels on school-issued underwear for the students?

Also noteworthy of the article: “[Mieras] says this is not the first report of sex between a student and teacher.”

There are more incidents besides this?  Like, since the beginning of TIME, Chief?  Last decade, year, week?  What?  Did you know about these other incidents?  I sure didn’t, and that might mean parents of kids in this school district didn’t, either.

The  last notable quote of the article: “The student is fine, back in class and going through counseling as necessary,” Chief Mieras said.

Oh, is he fine?  Are you a child psychologist?  Counseling?  At who’s discretion?  The boy’s?  Back high-fiving his “bros” because he nailed teacher, or internalizing the shame of being raped because he ought to be a “man” about it? Will his parents be okay with it?  Will he be fine knowing this is okay? Will he teach his kids this is okay? Will his buddies teach their kids it’s okay?   If Fisher is suddenly pregnant by him and she keeps the kid, and all the ramifications of growing up a product of this socially-uncouth-but-not-terrible union…and the boy’s family possibly forced to look at her mutant rapey-face every Thanksgiving—-will that be okay?  Job well-done?  Chief?   Do you know?  Are you qualified to make that statement?

Like wildfire, if these situations were reversed in the gender category, some male teacher doodling a female student. There is typically media and community hell to pay and sure, I guess I’m balancing this out by doing it myself. Perhaps it has something to do with there’s no serious crime being portrayed. Maybe it has something to do with the fact there have been pop songs/music videos written about the fact that boys lusting after their female teachers (not that this gal is exactly a supermodel) is practically socially-acceptable Americana. For even further thought, perhaps because women are thought of as sexually objectified, they are then given a pass because they are “just doing their job.” Meanwhile, everyone else is in the dark.

One thing is for certain, this isn’t suddenly victimless because of gender roles. Women are POWERFUL people, as they can and should be, and should be treated as such. What they lack in strength I have seen in ten-fold guile and cunning,  smarts and endurance–and hell hath no fury like a determined woman with her eyes on the prize.   The end result matters.  You know, all the way from being a CEO to having your way with a 14 year old.

So who’s fault is it? Where were the parents? Where was Reed High School and the Washoe County School District? Where was school/community the other times, since this wasn’t the first, that should have learned from the first mistakes?  Is she being further investigated for other misconduct or activities involving youth?  Has the Washoe County School District been addressing the problem of repeated child/teacher sexual encounters?

Questions, and more questions as to wonder why this particular situation is NOT an outrage.  The only notable difference between Fisher’s wrongdoing and the media frenzy of a drooling, bug-eyed, creepy, unshaven, looming pedophile branded as a “CHILD PREDATOR,” is what genders are involved.

Child molestation, rape, seduction, coercion, or whatever other stupid legal term you want to call it is via result of the crime committed. Historically and most of the time, men in this situation have been taken to the full extent of the law, while women usually are just frowned upon, called a “whore” and slapped on the wrist.  It’s a media bore–we the people don’t seem to care.

Do you want to make the world more gender equal?  Do you want to actually protect kids rather than just jump on a dinnertime witchhunt bandwagon because the media blitzes the story? The media, if it still claims to care, should be treating this as news as a legitimate FYI to the public–not a month-old, tiny story dug up by a local blog.  We as a society should hold everyone to the same strict social standards we treat ALL child rapists.  Prosecutors and judges should always, without exception, make an example out of each child rapist to the extent of the law EVERY time.  Institutions involving children should not ever let ANYONE slip past or under the radar in regards to child/teacher interactions– because of gender.

I hope this little article provides questions that stick out,  or just pisses someone off, because it SHOULD.  I hope Marie Fisher gets a hot-blooded prosecutor and a pissed-off judge with hemorrhoids on her day in court.  I hope the media talks about it.  Again, I don’t have kids, nor am I a woman,  so quite frankly, society, you’re quite welcome I’m posing these questions for the betterment of all of you and little for myself!

Hear the alarm?  Time to wake up.

(photo courtesy KTVN Reno/Washoe County Sheriff Departmentquotes & content courtesy KOLO Reno)