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5 Crazy Reasons We Need to Stop Clicking Linkbait

Hi there! You’ve reached Burncards’ shameless plea for help.

It’s getting to be time to put a little bit of work into Burncards. It ain’t easy to run a great, engaging website, and from where I’m sitting, there are a couple things that are keeping this site from being what it could be. Those things are:

1. Needs more frequent content and by more voices, too
2. Needs a bit of a design update to work better and look better on phones and tablets

If you look at this site regularly, I’d appreciate a shout-out in the comments. It would be great to know what sorts of things people would like to see. I am going to work on point #2 in the near future.

Also, if you want to get involved in posting content to this site, please send an email to editor@burncards.com