PS3 Fix: Yellow Light Of Death

Our PS3 just died.  It ate our Netflix, and we were pissed.  We tried the ghetto hair dryer technique, and it didn’t work.  This, however, did:

My only variation on this fix was the use of a hair dryer rather than an expensive heat gun. Use 1/4″ inch from each area for 80 seconds on each area — that will make sense if you watch the video.

Keep in mind that even if you do this fix, it isn’t a 100% fix or solution to the problem.  “Reflowing” (re-heating) an overheated chip is a safeguard to fire and to protect other components.  Others that have used this technique have noted it can work for a day or for a year.  It is the death call of your PS3 one way or the other.

Use at your own risk, and as I always say, don’t lose your screws. It made our PS3 work, and for how long, who knows, but considering a post-warranty fix is $150, and usually for a refurbished model that won’t last long either, this is a method you could try.

If it’s just enough to get the disc out, so be it:  otherwise, you’re tearing into the Blu-Ray drive.

Good luck!


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