Never Ender – The Little Shop That Could

In my continuation on MidTown places to check out, as I mentioned in the Classic Skate Shop article, the Never Ender boutique required a mention.  For one, the Classic Skate Shop exists neatly inside the store, and gives a stark contrast to what the Never Ender provides—-while the gals can peruse locally-made accessories and cute shirts, the guys they bring along can find a little respite checking out some skate gear.

Yet the Never Ender isn’t exclusively a “girlie shop,” either.  There’s a racks of just guys shirts from American Apparel and Threadless, shirts with some very unique prints and attitude.  I have a couple in my own collection, since I like weird and unique shirts anyway.  Trust me, you won’t find these shirt elsewhere in town.

Melanie Crane’s special shop started about six years ago when her daughter, Amber, put together the original Never Ender over on W. Liberty Street.  With a few changes and some presence online for a couple years, Melanie later opened at 26 Cheney Street a year ago on July 29, 2010.   Originally about half art gallery and half boutique, it isn’t too much different from what I gather, as they feature up-and-coming local artists,  art, and locally-made things, filled in with creations from California, Alaska, and even as far away as the U.K.—-just a little more focus on “wearables” and other gift-type items.  The store is open, bright, and chock-full of things to check out.

Melanie herself is from New Zealand originally, but has spent the last 25 years here in Reno.  She’s always wanted to have a contribution to the fashion world, as her family is also a part of it.  This store is her way of offering the latest and most interesting tidbits of fashion and art, as she undoubtedly has a good eye for.   With a background of foreign exchange, travel and transport, she’s been here and there, and picked up some skills and experience along the way to help her with the store.  From the first time I talked to Melanie, I’ve enjoyed her company.  Her sense of humor, helpfulness and natural connection with people make her as much a part of the inviting nature of the store as the store is itself.

I couldn’t really keep track of all of the unique things that she offers, from necklaces, bracelets, cards, clothing, decorations—-there’s a little bit of everything in there!  Not a local?  No problem.  You can go to the conveniently-placed link at the bottom of this article to their website, and check out their online store, too!

The Never Ender is another way to be able to spend a MidTown afternoon or weekend.  Since they’re right by The Hub, just down the street from the SÜP restaurant, Craft and other good MidTown specialties, be sure to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood.  If you don’t happen to be in this neighborhood, make it a point to come down!  There’s frequently art openings, Art Walks and all sorts of whimsical goings-on which usually include the Never Ender.

Never Ender is located:

26 Cheney Street (with Classic Skate Shop)
Website: Never Ender
Facebook: Never Ender Reno

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