Tuning up Burncards: a content manifesto (of sorts)

My old blog, The Urban Blog, has a lot of Reno content on it. I like writing about urban policy and transportation issues. With The Urban Blog, I was majority Seattle-based for the majority of the time I wrote the blog. I have always had a tendency to bounce back and forth between the two cities, so I’ve just accepted that, and at one point I decided I wanted to live in Reno, so I moved to Reno. Something very interesting happened: the nature of my writing changed. I started Burncards with the intention of talking about more than urban design. The Urban Blog pushed around the edges a little bit, mostly reporting on music and cultural issues, and Burncards made it a point to pick up those topics.

Burncards needs more action. I need to do some urban writing about Reno. I’ve decided to make a new section on Burncards called The Urban Blog, where I will do the style of reporting that I was doing on The Urban Blog. Subject matter will not always be about Reno: you should see what’s going on in Seattle right now, and any other interesting thing that should appear.

This actually helps clarify the role of what the Gadflypaper section is all about. Gadflypaper is all about getting out in public with an opinion related to a policy matter facing the people of Reno. We may occasionally be kind of weird about that.

The rest of what Burncards tries to do should be fairly obvious, and we’ll try to keep the lights on. Turns out all of us stay really busy, which we use as an excuse for not doing Burncards. So, silly us. If you’d like to join in the party with your own unique voice on a subject, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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