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Tuning up Burncards: a content manifesto (of sorts)

My old blog, The Urban Blog, has a lot of Reno content on it. I like writing about urban policy and transportation issues. With The Urban Blog, I was majority Seattle-based for the majority of the time I wrote the blog. I have always had a tendency to bounce back and forth between the two cities, so I’ve just accepted that, and at one point I decided I wanted to live in Reno, so I moved to Reno. Something very interesting happened: the nature of my writing changed. I started Burncards with the intention of talking about more than urban design. The Urban Blog pushed around the edges a little bit, mostly reporting on music and cultural issues, and Burncards made it a point to pick up those topics.

Burncards needs more action. I need to do some urban writing about Reno. I’ve decided to make a new section on Burncards called The Urban Blog, where I will do the style of reporting that I was doing on The Urban Blog. Subject matter will not always be about Reno: you should see what’s going on in Seattle right now, and any other interesting thing that should appear.

This actually helps clarify the role of what the Gadflypaper section is all about. Gadflypaper is all about getting out in public with an opinion related to a policy matter facing the people of Reno. We may occasionally be kind of weird about that.

The rest of what Burncards tries to do should be fairly obvious, and we’ll try to keep the lights on. Turns out all of us stay really busy, which we use as an excuse for not doing Burncards. So, silly us. If you’d like to join in the party with your own unique voice on a subject, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Is CommRow The Thing?

We here at Burncards have been following the new CommRow development as closely as we can.  We attended the initial Planning Commission meeting where the special use permit was issued.  I watched and tweeted on the City Council meetings where the garage agreement was denied and subsequently approved.  I’m in favor of the project and I support the developer, Fernando Leal.

Judging by the comments threads on other local blogs and an op-ed piece by Diedre Pike in the RN&R this week, it seems there are a lot of people who think this project is a joke.  The sentiment can be summed up like this: Leal “failed” at his only other venture in town, the Montage, and closed a perfectly fine hotel-casino and then screwed the city out of back rent on a parking garage they had no business buying in the first place.  Oh also, this new project CommRow is a stupid idea and nobody will ever go there and it’ll be closed before you know it.

Well, let’s just take those points in order.  First, while Leal may have ended up turning Montage over to the bank, it is a stretch to call the project a failure.  Want to see a failure?  Look across the train trench from the Montage at King’s Inn, which has been closed since approximately 2 days after it opened back in 1975.  Montage has people living there and this summer, at least on a temporary basis, a neon sign museum will open on the ground floor.  It’s a nice looking building, a good project, it’s open for business and if the housing crash hadn’t happened, the ownership situation would look different.







For Phase 2:  A BMX park on top of the parking garage

The garage situation is a sordid affair, and certainly doesn’t speak that well to the City Council’s exercise of their fiduciary duty over the years.  Getting the garage off the city’s books will probably be a good deal for the city in the long run regardless, and Leal has to pay two years’ rent up front in order to use the garage until the purchase option kicks in.  The ideal situation?  No.  But not the end of the world.

Somehow there’s this notion that if someone is building a project in Reno, that’s the way Reno is going, that’s Reno’s new “thing,” so there’s been a lot of talk about whether this “thing” is the right “thing.”  Frankly, it’s irritating.  Is a hotel with a climbing wall and a boulder park the new model for things to come in Reno?  Not necessarily.  Why should it be?  Not every other property or new project in town has to be the same.

But I can tell you what Reno’s new “thing” should be, are you ready for it?

Reno’s new “thing” in this writer’s humble opinion should be getting all the closed hotels, empty buildings and vacant storefronts in downtown open for business.

You read that right.  Reno’s new “thing” needs to be, not only is some of Reno open for business, all of Reno is open for business.  Stuff is happening, it’s not sketchy or scary, it’s not all the same old casino experience.  There are some non-gaming hotels, some upscale, some old time Reno style hotel-casinos, office buildings, condo buildings, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, yes tattoo parlors, pawn shops, art galleries, a YMCA downtown wellness center, a movie theater, coffee houses, maybe even some stores that sell stuff nearby residents or even long term visitors might need.

It’s not all casinos here, but it is all open for business.  Photo:  New To Reno

Everything in Reno, open, open for business.  Reno, a real town.  With stuff going on.  That should be Reno’s new “thing.”

From where I’m sitting, Leal, the one who is trying to make a go of this project, is doing something that points toward that goal, he deserves the support, I will remain optimistic and see how it plays out, and all you negative people, go see if you can round up millions of dollars and do your own project.  You ain’t doing the rest of us any good sitting in the corner guffawing.

Unhinged Reno Park Authority Gets Filmed

Quite honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this. Something about removing a fly from a friend’s nose with a hatchet, or to that effect.

While I am perfectly okay and with the guy getting pissed off about some kids making his job harder, spending tax dollars to fix the park, but can we say “public relations?”

In today’s world, Big Brother is actually, and most likely, someone’s little brother, with an iPhone or some other kind of recording device, catching people in what should be considered embarrassing acts. Would the City of Reno or Washoe County be particularly thrilled to hear this guy talking like this to the kids of taxpayers? Lack of identification aside, even if he were an authority with a badge, should he be engaging people like this? Most notably, saying Reno is a shit hole meanwhile trying to instill a sense of fear and morality of local youth, even more while supposed to be doing a job for the City of Reno.   Interesting approach.

Especially since the kids were of the general opinion, “Okay, we’ll leave—-sorry…”  None of the youth were being jerks, well, unless you ask the trees and landscaping.  And this guy.

I’ll let the rest of you decide. It’s funny in one way, disturbing in others, and filled with not-safe-for-work audio content.

QRA saves the day.

A New Reno Indoor Market – Minus the “Flea”

You’re already going to have to excuse me for getting a little QRA up in here for a moment, however, one QRA would seem to deserve another!

I was forwarded a link through Craigslist about a new Reno indoor “Flea Market,” with approximately 85,000 square feet of space, 300 vendors and room for entertainment and food.  At first, I was was excited, and said, “…holy crap, another place besides the El Rancho location!”

I’m a total flea market/garage sale/thrift store kind of guy.  Love ’em.  My mother introduced me to them at a young age, and while I didn’t appreciate them then, with times being as tough as they are, I sure like them now.

I’ve seen treasures, and I’ve seen trash.   I’ve had days walking around the El Rancho flea market where I’ve been sun-baked, loaded with $2 stuff that’ll probably get used one day, and I’ve crawled through expensive chain thrift stores scoffing at prices for used items that are double than new.  I’ve haggled with toothless old weirdos and sweaty Hispanic peddlers.  It’s all part of the game in this culture, seedy, entertaining, cheap, and an adventure to who KNOWS what you’ll find.  I love it.

I suppose I was a bit offended when I learned this new indoor “flea” market was only open to vendors of new wares.   According to their website, auto parts, perfumes, toys, knives, watches and clocks are among the list of what they hope will be offered.   I’ll explain below why I think this sucks.

The El Rancho Flea Market and Swap Meet is what it is.  Compared to other flea markets, sure it is small, largely Hispanic in nature, but I’ve always had a GREAT time coursing through there.  I’ve found some awesome crap to buy on a good day, and nothing is better than sifting through someone’s stuff on a nice morning.  The idea of an indoor flea market is very cool too, because sometimes the weather in Reno gets a little harrowing to deal with– too hot or too cold sometimes, and that’s just the way it is.   The El Rancho also has “new things” vendors, none of which I am interested in.  Cheap, plastic chrome car garbage, knock-off perfumes, Pakistani knives for $5 that aren’t fit to cut a warm stick of butter, watches made in Singapore that may as well be in a coin vending machine inside a plastic egg, cookware that might have holes in it, battery-operated or inflatable brand-knock-off  toys to shut up the brats… it’s all there, already.   Close to the port of Oakland, this stuff comes here cheap and in abundance.

Not everyone is interested in this stuff, let alone, to sell it.   People who sell this stuff are business people first (which is fine), and usually aren’t the same kind of people that sell the “garage sale type merchandise” (which is also fine).  Garage sale folk, junk peddlers, these are MY kind of people.   They’re grandparents, travelers, dumpster divers, the occasional spring cleaner, you name it.   It makes me wonder why they’re being crossed out of a whole market.  Are the organizers attempting some gentrified, clean market?  One might think so, considering the $670 per 10′ x 10′ square they’re asking, and a two-month lease with month-to-month rent thereafter.  That’s expensive!  These are going to be high-class, long-haulers, or perhaps, so the organizers hope.  The location (probably a warehouse) is still a mystery to me, and that will only further how right or wrong I may be about it…

…what will happen, likely, and here is my QRA, is this won’t do so well.  When the market isn’t a sanitized, bustling local “TJ Maxx,” “Ross,” or “Pier 1,” I predict a large “dollar store” bazaar, one in which you’ll see the same cheap garbage over and over again, by the same people.   Waiting to unload their truckload of whatever it is they bought, to then go buy another truckload.  Initially, they’ll probably do somewhat well, and then as sales dwindle (Reno being the size it is, won’t keep coming back like addicts to “new” trash) and this thing will fail, or they’ll have to re-evaluate their haughty “…we don’t DO garage sale stuff…”  attitude.

There’s a LOT of out-of-work, poor and bored people out there.  I fit in there somewhere.  Flea markets are a WONDERFUL capitalist venture for even the poorest, but willing to do the work.  They’re inventive, genius folk if there ever were any, just trial and error sometimes to see what people will buy.  There’s people that like to buy and resell items they find.  Sometimes it’s obsessive collectors.   It may seem trashy to some, maybe even the indoor “flea” market people, but this is Reno:  we’re small, we’re punchy, we’re full of potential, and we don’t have deep pockets or lots of people.

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here, but Reno attracts this “declarative” attitude far too often.  “We’re THIS… not THIS.”   Limiting itself before it even gets out of the gate.  Happens all the time–I’m even sort-of doing it now.  Downtown is also evident of this fact.  People and populace determine what Reno is or is not, not marketers or planners.  That’s why Reno doesn’t always do so hot to people’s grand dreams.  Reno could capitalize on flexibility, if it embraced some of it!

I wish the indoor “flea” market people well and lots of luck:  we’ll see who is right in the end.  I’d much rather it be them than me!


QRA – Reno Is More Reno on the ‘Net

I recently had an engaging conversation via the Internet.  Sometimes they DO happen.  It had to do with people that I either know or through a friend I know, bringing up this photograph of people in Reno, along with a host of bitchy criticism:

“Steampunk/Victorian Christmas Party”

Reno Folk

The subsequent fun-making was noting how this wasn’t really “steampunk,” or “Victorian.”  I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t note that these people weren’t dressed particularly “Christmassy,” either.  There was talk about this is why people hate this town, and how lame this is, etc etc.   What was interesting, is it came  upon two notions for me to consider.  One is the fact that yes, people can be particularly cruel in criticism, even if it is about someone’s innocent merrymaking.   The other is the strange, huge pedestal people expect Reno to live up to and of course, never does.  The very accepted notion of comparing it to larger cities, or even the world,  as if Reno had the ability to stand on a stage with “greats,” in any realm.  This isn’t to say Reno CAN’T do this, but where and how else are people supposed to try without someone, or should I say, people en masse, quashing their efforts?  And why did it have to come down to Reno, anyway?  Why couldn’t it just be some people that were disliked or criticized?  Personally, at least the dude with the weird arm apparatus pulled out all the stops, and the guy on the far right looks pretty dapper to me.

Someone inevitably is going to decree “bullshit,” toward yours truly, because I have many times exhaled woes about the mediocrity of the efforts of people in Reno regarding art, business, fashion, music, and the like.   Especially when someone has a show and the art/music/performance, quite frankly, sucks.  Reno CAN come up with good things, and sometimes it fails.  This isn’t something to go on and on about, nor broad brush the entire town to the color of “sucks.”

This was a Christmas party someone captured a moment of and put it on the Internet.  Fair game, I suppose, but…if people are expected to bring their best 100% of the time, then Reno is truly set up for 100% disaster.  It deserves some notation of how extreme Reno can be in some instances, if not for ego, expectation, depression, ignorance, etc.

Meanwhile, back in my Internet conversation, I get a few responses:

I think it’s just Reno. The people here, for the most part, don’t have high standards for anything. :( You should see Halloween around here…it’s painful. …says one.

My god, this is like people going to Fallon and complaining about cows. It’s Reno, yes. Yes. It’s obvious. No slack for the weak and pathetic, I reply, hopefully in humorous response.

I think it’s closer to being *stuck* in Fallon and complaining about cows, says another.

This is where, maybe to my embarrassment, I wished to wax philosophical.

More to the point, the most Reno thing of all is to complain about Reno while being in Reno. To hate Reno. No, don’t try to do your best while here, that’s because Reno keeps you from doing your best. Because of people like these picture…d here. Also, talk mad shit. MAD shit. Naysay, browbeat, criticize. Damn, you Reno. I’m always curious about how much of a pedestal Reno has been put upon just so people can throw shit at it. It’s fascinating. People from real cities love it here, people born here can’t wait to leave and come back, the prevalence of unwillingness to realize personal contributions to community (negative or positive) and the thick focus on everyone around rather than on themselves. Now you know why I DO stay here! It’s truly interesting, I retort for consideration.

Kyle, I hear you–you can only make the best of whatever hand you’re dealt. Blame is easy but ultimately counterproductive.

But with respect to the ‘stuck’ bit, that’s not necessarily just some psychological barrier that we can change if we want. There are people with familial obligations, financial obligations, legal obligations or otherwise that can keep you tied down to a particular location. Those of us who are free from such constraints should count ourselves very lucky.

If you love Reno, that’s awesome. You’ll make it a better place for others with that frame of mind. But often people have very valid reasons for disliking a place due to their experiences which are necessarily different from our own. And just because someone doesn’t like a place doesn’t logically imply that he isn’t volunteering in the community or trying to improve their community.

At the end of the day, people can complain about whatever they want, including people complaining, right =)

This was the point where I realized someone was essentially admitting they’re being counterproductive and defeatist but don’t let this fool you,  they do their part.  This may very well be true, if not confusing.   Nice parry and equal-match about the fact I brought this up  by complaining in the first place–see Internet Rulebook.    QRA:  “You’re just like me, no matter what you say.”   Forcing a kind of tribal affiliation?   Interesting.    It’s an all-too-common Reno attitude.   If you mix that with bad manners and uncouth socializing, well… off we go, darkly.   Nice offer, but no thanks.

The rest of the conversation became a facsimile of what was already being said, and me being the idiot I am, figured “Oh, I’m not making myself clear, perhaps I should find a different way of presenting this.”  It was obvious my opinions weren’t being objectively acknowledged (merely politely complimented), nor was I willing to join “The Reno Sucks Tribe.”  I sensed the conversation barely getting personal, expression I may be angry, the other party internalizing wrongdoing,  further categorizing and rationalizing what I’m saying into a box of cast-aside wonders… hey, I knocked, can’t complain about who answers.

That’s the Internet.   Reno is a real city, and one that I have my feelings for, both good and bad.  I think, like most, Reno has LARGE potential.   As evidenced by my conversations, this not being a unique one at all (just a poignant and recent one) there are smart, engaging, talented and motivated people here.   I just find many of them being misguided, and interested in doing what Reno does often, making excuses, complaining, and seemingly not doing what might be necessary to make themselves happy, let alone something for the town.   It confuses me.  I don’t like being unhappy, unsuccessful or bored.  I strive to change that.  If I fail, then I do the least amount of outward damage as  possible.

As a Renoite, people from larger cities respond, “Well, duh,” if I proudly announce my self-initiative.   It’s no big deal in other places.   Obviously, it shouldn’t be here, either.  Unless that’s the hive mind speaking.   I’ve never been good at being in a hive.

While I consider myself somewhat akin to the complaining part at times, it’s where I’m taking it that is key.   At times, I like to present Reno to itself in just the fashion it is familiar with:  criticism…which isn’t all bad, just like Reno.  It’s just how it is used.  My main criticism is probably no better than the original subject:  Reno tries too hard.  Whether or not this is a failing or a feature, something to be encouraged or trashed, is up to the individual.

I’ll close with one thing I said that perhaps sums it up best:

[This] may just be the same template of expectation that Reno does habitually: establishing something grand or with potential in a universal light, blaming the seedling for not simply being a solid tree… perhaps crush it, stamp its efforts, or dilute the power behind it.  When the seedling makes itself known, it’s a hard thing to accept in that case.

(forgive my lack of photo credit to the individuals here, please, feel free to make yourselves known in the comments section below)

QRA- In a Thrift Store, yo!

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in thrift stores. Quickly scanning the aisles for janky old keyboards, or rad Janus films in the bargain bins. To the layman, you spend an inordinate amount of time sneering at garbage with a bunch of other jerks. This would be fine and dandy if it weren’t for the aforementioned ‘other jerks’. Case in point being that most of them have little to no respect for unhindered paths, or aisles. Much to the chagrin of their fellow shoppers, they will block whole aisles by extending their bodies, shopping carts and children. In such a manner that enemy soldiers could take cover behind their brood.

This is the tale of one such occasion.

It was shortly after 2010, in the future world of 2011. I think it was Tuesday. I was walking through the Goodwill on Oddie, in Sparks [booo-hisss].

As I approached one such obstruction (a mother with a cart and her teen son) I noticed the son placing an unwanted shirt on a lingerie rack (snicker).
I stopped to stare at the discarded Elway jersey with a slight but noticeable grimace of disdain. Having made my point, I went to pass the 5′ 2″-110lb kid, who instead of moving slightly to be considerate, decided instead to engage me in a staring match that included a quick, jerky motion from his arms and upper-torso.  The kind of motion that is referred to as “fronting” in middle schools; thus intimidating other insecure males. So, I stopped and continued to stare at him until he broke eye contact and walked away. Which all-in-all was a good thing, being as I’m not usually in the mood to be punked-out by a twelve year old with a pretty blue earring. When the path to the electronics department is sealed off, I tend to develop super-prison-laser-eyes(tm). They worked in this situation, but the next victim of Skyler’s “fronting” might just turn his neck into a sprinkler.

Now this QRA may seem minor.

“Oh, they were just blocking an aisle. Go around them.”

There was no ‘around them,’ two people and a shopping cart managed to fill the aisle, and set up a pretty good check point. Being as there are two main arteries in the store, it could be argued that they were creating a fire hazard. I didn’t have any matches.

QRA: What in the Reno is “QRA?”


About two weeks ago, a truck driver came to my work to pick up freight, as happens on a semi-regular basis here.  Upon walking in my dock door, he had this angry, “Don’t mess with me,” attitude, but overcompensated to the power of ten.  He did his job, and he didn’t say a word, but it was the look in the eyes, and the way he trounced about my warehouse.  It must have been a territorial thing, or a “I’m a dog in a new house,” tail-stiff-as-a-board, haunches shaking and teeth ready to go.  I had never seen this guy before, and since I’m in my warehouse, I have little to fear from this guy, as his nature was defensive more so than anything.  At work, I’m typically a focused, direct, organized and no-bullshit kind of guy, and on top of it, I’m normally very easy to get along with.  Ask anyone who has worked with me.  Overall, I wasn’t afraid of this guy, there was no need to be.  I’ve seen dangerous people, they don’t “look like,” anything, they just give off this electricity.  This poor truck driver just came off as… upset.

I treated this guy as I do most people who act like this, especially in a professional environment, I simply ignored the attitude, talked with him, pried a bit of information out of him, and eventually it lightened him up.  Evidently, he and I both worked at UPS at the hub in Sparks at similar times, and that really made a difference to him.  Off he went, me none the wiser.

Today happens.  I get a visit from the same guy to pick up some freight, except this time, he is practically elated to see me.  He rushes over, maneuvers the dock plate, grabs the freight with my pallet jack, bullshits with me like we’re old pals, fills out paperwork and is just a gem of a truck driver.  He really wanted to linger around and shoot the crap, talk shop, all that, which I really didn’t mind, but in my head I’m thinking… “…what in manic Reno hell?”   It was quite funny, but at least the guy was a bit more relaxed, if not just as overcompensating.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this happen in this town.  Really, similar instances happen far too often.

We have a concept here at Burncards we like to call “QRA.”  It stands for “Quintessential Reno Attitude.”   You can thank Ken Manz for this concept, adapted from “TCB,” or “Typical Cracker Behavior,” the stereotypically-sad instance wherein white people repeat specific activities, notions or…behavior.   Like TCB, the QRA end of things is aimed at a group of people (Renoites, mostly) that seem to represent a stereotypical attitude toward just about anything.   Some notable examples are, in my experience:

1)  Spitting on new things, art, windows and the mirrors of bathrooms.

2)  If male, spitting in an overly tough manner when passing by another male on the street, doubly-effective if putting a bounce in your step while doing this.

3)  Yelling “faggot,” at pedestrians, while in moving cars, through the open windows.

4)  Avoiding and talking about the Citifare bus system as “The Shame Train.”

5)  Witnessing something totally unacceptable in public and not doing a thing about it (call cops, tell them to stop, inform security) and then complaining to everyone else who won’t do a thing about it, either.

6)  Finding just about any excuse NOT to do something about anything:  It’s too hot outside/it’s too cold outside, it’s too new/it’s too old, it’s too corporate/it’s too small, it’s downtown/it’s not downtown, it’s boring, I hate the people who go there, it’s not local/there’s no selection, blah blah blah.

7)  Using the roads, highways and byways as a place to enforce your personal philosophy about speed, who-owns-what-lane, freeway merging, and who should or shouldn’t be in front of you.

8)  When making a free right turn, honking obnoxiously at people in the crosswalk when pedestrians have the right of way with the little lit-up walking dude.

9)  Going above and beyond, way, way, way beyond, for not purpose or goal, but a over-the-top way of getting noticed/attention, making your point, or stating your general existence.  See this video.

10)  Being tough.  Looking tough.  Talking tough.  Spitting tough.  Doing so in groups, at dog parks, at bars, in public, wherever other tough people might be.

What this gentleman expressed in my place of business both two weeks ago and today are prime examples of “QRA.”  I’ve noticed similar attitudes in towns of the same size and general demographics as Reno, but not quite as strong as here.   Let’s face it:  We’re a bunch of edgy folks, very territorial, with something to prove, unwilling to suggest alternatives to anything that sucks, and yet the first to bitch when there’s a problem.  When we do this in public for all to see, we’re committing QRA.

In a way, the QRA is a study of Reno, and there’s probably a multitude of reasons why Reno does things like this.

In recent discussions, a lot of people have genuinely found Reno becoming a less safe place to be.  Violent crime has gone up overall, I’ve heard of rapings, muggings, and robberies increasing.  This is serious stuff, folks!  QRA be damned, at one point we used to be a pleasantly safe city, perhaps with a lot of misanthrope attitude and unmerry passers-by, but when people start really having problems in their own town, it’s time to put that shit aside, especially when there’s no real reason or root cause for it.  Our fake toughness, ignorance, whining and being scared ain’t going to cut it if we don’t become a community.

QRA as a label is intentionally funny.  It really doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s just an embarrassing part of why Reno tends to be a drag-ass city when things are trying to get someplace, culture to be established or status to be gained.   Much like the guy who stopped by my warehouse on the first visit, realized I didn’t play dice and then turned it around the next time we saw each other, maybe we can think about this when we’re being straight up assholes, whiners and defeatist/obstructionists out there.   This from is someone who both loves and loathes this town, has been here long enough to know better, and gets sucked into QRA with the best of them now and again.

Until then, allow us to post future instances of QRA: we encourage you to share your own instances of QRA either via e-mail, video, pictures or comments here at Burncards.com.   Hell, extra points if you recount yourself doing it!

Perhaps while we’re addressing the issue of QRA we can have some fun with it as well.  Which, incidentally, is a little QRA in itself.

As we say goodbye to 1998……

Another teary eyed remembrance of days gone by? NO!

I’ve been observing the continuously stress inducing growth of a de-evolutional mindset that is and in someways, was 1998. 1998 was to many a great time, Clinton was in office, the country was in a state of perceived growth. A Jetta in every garage, an Espresso maker in every kitchen and the “it’s all good” mentality lulled us into a complacent holding pattern. We were safe from each other, because we didn’t need to concern ourselves with each other. Any, and all social interactions could be livened up with quotes from Swingers, or the ever popular Austin Powers. It was a time of celebration, terrible post-grunge/nu-metal; and the birth of the inner-social(*1) self.

If you didn’t see fit to dress nice, Black Flys, flame adorned western wear and baggy jeans could still get you laid! (*2) Go…go…devo! Before we get into the social vacuum that became of the internet, we should probably address REALITY TV. By 1998 eMTV had entered the final stages of strip mining music from its main channel, after realizing that music and culture elicits jealously, and indifference from the end user (waves); in this business paradigm a mirror for the burgeoning ego, is worth two high profile advertisers, and nothing more.

Even in regression, mankind has the ability to adapt. Thus, this unscrupulous cyst, of sociopathic narcissism, subtle in its homogenized safety, reasserts itself via new catch phrases, and the constant casualization of attire. Wife Beaters, and Tramp Stamps at a wedding? We could only be so lucky!

As society reflects this lack of individuality (as a desperate grasp at individuality?), we see gaps forming in the various class structures; based more on the demographics of conjecture, than that of substance, and the fostering of human culture. The coddled entitled child may choose this vacuum, over interaction, and the wisdom gained by introspection. By allowing this separation from reality, we enable a generation of chiefs to sit on their hands. i.e. The goals are easily attainable, at any of these fine retailers, you just have to bring your attitude, and your plastic (ass’d self…).

By reviewing the attitudes, or low-tact reactions of these ‘stars’, we commit to integrating our egos, and stoic opinions, with how people react to and address problems; without ever having to bother with ‘real’ people. Solutions, tact, and compromise take the back seat to entitlement, and audacity. In this, only the self exists (in the state of a hive like mind virus). Without reflection or thought, we are conditioned to victimize ourselves, in order to elicit sympathy, or to piss on someone’s tree because they’re ruining our Pretty Princess Birthday :(

The notion that perception is reality, negates any valid form of logic, and insists upon a vaguely cloaked prejudice of finite portions (see: politically correct), a person is not equal to being a person, due to any variance deemed unnecessary to popular society. One learns to back away from discussions, indifference is next to godliness; “whatever” becomes the neu/neo Bohemian Nihilistic battle cry. The same regressive logic was used to indoctrinate Germany, you were either with the party, or you turned a blind eye to it. To this, 1998; I will leave you with a quote from Winston Churchill.

“we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,”

*1 society devoid of self by the reinforcement of a hive self. see: Nazi Propaganda Technics, Cult of personality.

*2 note to hipsters- we are trying to get rid of this abomination, please wait five or so years after it dies out to bring it back ironically, I’m sure you can trade your fixie, and radiohead cds in for a lifted truck and some Korn cds

Do Be Careful Handling Firearms Inside Your Dwelling

From the RPD this morning:

Wednesday, December 29

0543 Central: Arrest – Discharge of a Firearm into Occupied Dwelling on West 2nd Street.  Officers responded to shots fired and discovered several bullet holes. [Resident] was arrested on the above charge after it was discovered he had fired several rounds from within his residence. Some of the rounds entered the apartment next door. There were no reported injuries.