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Tim Knol–Sam

It’s a few years old, apparently. But it’s neat. We’ve featured Tim Knol before.

This new Rigorous Proof song…

…it’s pretty clever, isn’t it?

Kind of reminds me a little bit of Broken Bells, which is not a bad thing at all. This is a good song. The video’s also pretty neat. Good job, RP. Keep up the good work.

Seas and Centuries – Macros

Seas and Centuries is a Reno band that specializes in the kind of music that could best be described as pretentious philosophical space rock. Those seem to be the kinds of bands I am most attracted to, so it’s not really a surprise that I continue to be impressed with this band’s work. Their latest EP, Macros, finds them playing their signature sound, with their already excellent production techniques leveling up with a lot of little sonic tricks that add a hard to describe addictive quality to the music.

So, what is Seas and Centuries’ sound? The best way to describe it is that it is spacey and philosophical. It calls to mind a feeling that you get listening to prog rock. Synth pads will fill in the background during vocal parts, with rhythm guitar layered over the top while the rhythm section solidly keeps the beat. Effect-laden guitars will break in and come to the front during instrumental bridges. There tend to be layers of sound, with excellent separation of the instruments from each other and from the vocals. These musicians should be proud of their craft.

It is clear that love of the craft keeps this band going because they play a fair number of shows, so it won’t be hard to find them playing out. Like them on Facebook and you’ll certainly hear about their live performances well in advance.

Saoul’s new jams

It has been reported here before that there is a crazy Romanian living in Reno making astoundingly good funky, jazzy, R&B. His name is Saoul. And he has a new EP out called Side Effects, which is worth a listen, or several.  So here, for your Valentine’s Day enjoyment, I present to you Saoul’s Side Effects.

Oh no. It’s a curse. A Surf Curse.

Check out what I just found.  It’s a pair of youngsters with some instruments, silly demeanor, fun attitude and what appears to be musical talent, cranking out some lo-fi surf rock.  They call themselves Surf Curse.

I was wondering when some more music like this would come along from the Biggest Little City.  Glad I didn’t have to wait for too long.

Pretend Electric – Entrainant

Former Reno Rockers Ian McAllister and Takuma Ieto, who were the consistent bits of the psychedelic mid-aughts band The Copied Copied, are now in a band in Southern California called Pretend Electric, making pretty, spacey, rifftastic melodic songs with very good production.



Debauch-a-RENO’s e-flier.

Rhyolite: Wildfire Reunion

One good thing about having followed Reno music for as long as I have is I’m now at the point where I recognize musicians’ names from various projects I like.  If you, like me, are a fan of namefollowedbynumber, you will almost certainly be very happy indeed that a new project, Rhyolite, has appeared, fronted by Jacques Pelham, with drums by Mike Angelini and bass by Stefan Pelham, the album Wildfire Reunion is definitely worth a listen.

The Open Goldberg Variations

One of my favorite musical compositions, and probably one of the most beautiful of any music is the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian BachThis is obviously old news since The Goldberg Variations was written and published back in 1741. The news part of it is this Open Source edition of the Goldbergs, along with a new edition copy of the score (so you can play the music at home) and a great recording in FLAC or mp3 by German/Japanese pianist, weightlifter, and awesome lady Kimiko Ishizaka. You can download the score, mp3, and FLAC here. If you don’t know, Open Source means that it’s free as in free of charge to use, download, and listen to at your leisure. Not to mention that it’s a totally legal download, if you have qualms about that. I’ve listened to it and it’s a wonderful version, something worth the hour or so of listening and downloading. If you want a good and painless way to get into classical music, try this version of the Goldbergs. After all, it is free and wonderful.

Saoul: Autopilot


What in blazes is going on in Reno?

Just recently, I stumbled across another local musican, who in this case is making some incredible one-man funk:  Saoul.  This is recommended listening.  Time and again, just when it seems like the sound of the music coming out of Reno has plateaued, my ears detect some noise coming from some corner of the internet, and when I follow that noise, it leads to a trove of artists doing something new and interesting and truly unique.  Here’s a taste of his album, Autopilot:

I’ll likely be spending quite a bit of the summer on Autopilot.  I hope you will too.