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Captain Capitalism vs. … Really?

You’ll just have to watch until the end to see who Captain Capitalism is up against.

Today in the News–August 15, 2011

Under the bridge: Tennessee private music teacher does not-so-private things near school.

Really not a morning person!  British girl sleeps for two months at a time thanks to rare Klein-Levin Syndrome.

Coming theocracy? Could be natural byproduct of coming idiocracy.

Wrongful arrest – four times!  Bronx man has unfortunate circumstance of sharing name and birthdate with infamous drug dealer “El Toro.”

It’s Monday, and this is a cover within a cover:

Today in the News–August 12, 2011

Urine control!  Disturbing incident on airplane as underage drunk man pees on young girl; Viennese museum employee fired after allegedly washing up using own urine.

New drug scare in UK as police find a potentially dangerous substance named PMMA.

ICE terminates information-sharing agreement with states, Nevada groups pissed.

Teensy bit of good economic news: retail sales up .5% in July.

Here’s some French rockers rocking inside of a considerable number of famous works of art:

Happy Friday!

Today in the News–August 9, 2011

“Time to profit, not panic.”  Good advice for everyone these days.

Middle East report:

Can’t win at home?  Try winning abroad.

Apparenty, no amount of exhortation will make Syrian government stop killing its own people.

Who do they think they’re fooling?  (Two words for you Iran:  GREEN REVOLUTION.)

In non-bloodshed, violence and hypocrisy related news:

We’ll just let this one speak for itself.

Some relief for motorists during classic car invasion.

It’s funny cuz it’s true:


Thanks, Ted!

Today in the News–August 8, 2011

Prius orgy?  Naw, but Google’s self driving car crashes in Mountain View, plus there were two Accords involved.

Blood in the streets, etc:  CNN headline sums up human stupidity pretty well: “Sell first, ask questions later.”  Now remembering some old advice, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets and everyone is panicking.”  Now is a good time to test that if you have some spare cash lying around.

Police state watch:  In case you missed it, Londoners have been rioting.  First they rioted because of a high-profile incident of police brutality, then some hooligans decided to do some looting after the government’s answer was to put more cops on the street. Recently, when the students of the city took to the streets to peacefully protest tuition hikes, those protestors were brutalized by the police.  Maybe the bobbies would do well to lay low for a little while.  The Guardian has a great piece today with some additional background on these riots.

Heat’s on in Syria:  other Gulf states, including that beacon of light and democracy Saudi Arabia, withdraw ambassadors, call on Syria to do political reforms.

In Carson City, the great website CarsonNow took a good look at the new downtown City Center or Knowledge & Discover Center project last week.  Looks pretty sweet.

Finally, “You can tell it’s Mattel – it’s swell!”  Black toy guns that shoot projectiles, from a time before they had to be made in neon colors and with weird plastic caps on the end of the barrel.

Today in the News–August 5, 2011

We’ll take any good news we can get!  Nationwide unemployment drops slightly as economy adds 117,000 jobs and  new unemployment claims holding steady.  Not bad for a Friday.

The pool man won’t show up, the power bill will get shut off, the internet will stop working if you don’t pay for it.  Strangely the FAA inspectors have been working for free, traveling on their own dime for the past two weeks during a partial FAA shutdown brought about by a political stalemate over rural air subsidies being held hostage by GOP.  Stalemate finally ends, FAA will be funded and open for business again.

Happy birfday to a member of the  Internet family.  World Wide Web now 20 years old.

Entrepreneurialism down in Nevada?  Index puts Nevada at 47th place in latest ranking.

In honor of the web’s birthday:

Happy Friday!  Get out there and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Today in Taiwanese Animation

The debt ceiling “negotiations” through the eyes of the Taiwanese animators:

Looks like they got it right.  Sweet!

Today in the News–August 1, 2011

The new definition of compromise:  Give one side pretty much everything it wants in the short term, have the same ridiculous fight 4 months later, and if the two sides can’t “agree” then, pour gasoline on everything and light a match.  Great work, guys.  Time for some federal employees to lose their jobs.  Let’s start with everyone who works in the big building with the nipple on top.

They’re mad as hell, and you’re going to miss your flight!  Greek taxi drivers start their blockade back up in protest of new regulations under consideration by government there.

Death by XBOX?  Is The Sun trolling by reporting that a young British man has died as a result of blood clots formed because he played too much XBOX?  (Answer:  The Sun is always trolling.)

Some reason for optimism?  Construction spending up by .2 percent in June, up 1.2 percent from bottom seen in March.

Let’s have a little Irish tune to start the week off right.

Today in the News–July 29, 2011

Lousy economic news:  Q1 GDP growth revised to pretty ridiculous, barely over, 0, .4%.  Q4 growth projection now 2.3%, down from an earlier 3.1%.  Politicians still trying to figure out what to do about US borrowing capacity.

Remember Libya?  Rebel leader killed Thursday, unrest follows in opposition capital Benghazi.  In west mountains of country, opposition forces try to push through to border.

How smart are you?  Your choice of browser may be a telling sign:  Internet Explorer users have lowest IQ’s with IE 6 users having lowest IQ’s of all, and Opera users having highest IQ, according to recent study.

93 miles of earth-saving tailgating action!  BMW to release electric ‘megacity’ car, the i3, in 2013.

Like a mini version of the Social Security lockbox:  Nevada lawmakers mostly deny the inappropriateness of moving money from prepaid tuition savings accounts to shore up flagging Millennium Scholarship fund.

Speaking of IQ, I can feel mine sapping when I watch this video.  But, it’s still a nice lighthearted way to end the week.  Happy Friday, y’all.

Today in the News–July 27, 2011

Tomb found?  Archaeologists think they have found the tomb of St. Philip the Apostle in Herapolis, Turkey.

Bad news for blacks?  National Urban League study finds black middle class in trouble with unemployment rate for those with college degrees 4 times higher than in 1992.

Put a lid on it!  Tahoe evaporation bringing lake level back down to normal after massive rise from the awesome winter we just had.  In other Tahoe news, a nice report from KUNR’s Brandon Rittiman on Nevada’s TRPA drama.

Hungry humans:  Nevada experiences 250% rise in food stamp caseload between 2007 and 2010.

Here’s some bjök for your humpday: