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Western Lithium – Getting To The Next Stage

In a press release outlined here,  Western Lithium, which has a large, budding project here in Northern Nevada (as well as having a base of U.S. operations in Reno),  has signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.   This means another move towards commercialization of lithium carbonate from the Company’s Kings Valley Lithium Project which is located in Humboldt County, Nevada.

The idea is that batteries can be made–batteries that can power cars and other things we might like to use some day, every day.

A quote from the release:

“Purity is critical for battery-grade materials such as lithium carbonate, which is the precursor material in lithium battery technologies,” said Argonne scientist Ilias Belharouak, who will lead a team of researchers on the Western Lithium project. “Our team will work with Western Lithium to develop a battery specification for lithium carbonate produced from the Company’s Kings Valley clay. This research will enhance the pilot study work that has already been completed.”

Get Nevada working, I always say, because we need it!



Today in the News – August 18, 2011

A story so sweet it’ll make your teeth hurt:  Surprise, honey, it’s a wedding.

Flash robbing:  The new way to steal?  

Play to pay:  A pissy downgraded L.A. goes from “AAA” to “AA” according to S & P–then fires them as a financial assessor.  I’m sure the $16,000 a year savings will do wonders.

Filling the appropriate uniform:  Some might say he was doing his job by not strapping on the Speedos.

Russia loses telecom satellite, meanwhile, we’re hitchhiking into space!  Oh space efforts, why so grim?

Not a bad idea, Chavez, and when your people decide to get rid of you, they’ll have something in which to rebuild…

…reminds me of what it was like when unemployment was 2%—-it was a little harder to find the right candidate!

Today in the News – August 16, 2011

You know, that used to be a really nice car, Mariusz Debski.  Mom’s gonna be pissed.

What really is the deal with the radio tower guy in Oklahoma?

Was it surprising it was a Texas forklift chase down the road or the indecency of him not bother to wear a shirt?

“Justin Bieber Way,” becomes a street reality for a small Texas town…where even the shortest and smallest of Mayoral duties might have abused their power.  No doubt the paperwork was stained with candy and covered in unicorn stickers.

The fast-paced, wild world of protecting art with technology, gusto and a little ingenuity.

Without further ado, Halo, the pool playing pooch.


Today in the News – August 11, 2011

Leal’s deal:  Bank gives okay to Fitz garage.

Big excitement from a little plane:  crash near Washoe Lake leaves occupants okay.

If your t-shirt can do it, you can do it, too.  Propaganda wars in Germany have some clever methods!

Leukemia breakthrough treatment on a roll!

Some more stuff from the sky may hold organic space material.
Needs no name… The Unnamable “Robot Tranny Hookers.”

Never Ender – The Little Shop That Could

In my continuation on MidTown places to check out, as I mentioned in the Classic Skate Shop article, the Never Ender boutique required a mention.  For one, the Classic Skate Shop exists neatly inside the store, and gives a stark contrast to what the Never Ender provides—-while the gals can peruse locally-made accessories and cute shirts, the guys they bring along can find a little respite checking out some skate gear.

Yet the Never Ender isn’t exclusively a “girlie shop,” either.  There’s a racks of just guys shirts from American Apparel and Threadless, shirts with some very unique prints and attitude.  I have a couple in my own collection, since I like weird and unique shirts anyway.  Trust me, you won’t find these shirt elsewhere in town.

Melanie Crane’s special shop started about six years ago when her daughter, Amber, put together the original Never Ender over on W. Liberty Street.  With a few changes and some presence online for a couple years, Melanie later opened at 26 Cheney Street a year ago on July 29, 2010.   Originally about half art gallery and half boutique, it isn’t too much different from what I gather, as they feature up-and-coming local artists,  art, and locally-made things, filled in with creations from California, Alaska, and even as far away as the U.K.—-just a little more focus on “wearables” and other gift-type items.  The store is open, bright, and chock-full of things to check out.

Melanie herself is from New Zealand originally, but has spent the last 25 years here in Reno.  She’s always wanted to have a contribution to the fashion world, as her family is also a part of it.  This store is her way of offering the latest and most interesting tidbits of fashion and art, as she undoubtedly has a good eye for.   With a background of foreign exchange, travel and transport, she’s been here and there, and picked up some skills and experience along the way to help her with the store.  From the first time I talked to Melanie, I’ve enjoyed her company.  Her sense of humor, helpfulness and natural connection with people make her as much a part of the inviting nature of the store as the store is itself.

I couldn’t really keep track of all of the unique things that she offers, from necklaces, bracelets, cards, clothing, decorations—-there’s a little bit of everything in there!  Not a local?  No problem.  You can go to the conveniently-placed link at the bottom of this article to their website, and check out their online store, too!

The Never Ender is another way to be able to spend a MidTown afternoon or weekend.  Since they’re right by The Hub, just down the street from the SÜP restaurant, Craft and other good MidTown specialties, be sure to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood.  If you don’t happen to be in this neighborhood, make it a point to come down!  There’s frequently art openings, Art Walks and all sorts of whimsical goings-on which usually include the Never Ender.

Never Ender is located:

26 Cheney Street (with Classic Skate Shop)
Website: Never Ender
Facebook: Never Ender Reno

Today in the News – August 4, 2011

The word “neighborly” doesn’t exactly come to mind…

Well, technically, China would have more roots with a tea-like party, right?

This is just a weird story out of Australia about a man, a girl, and a fake collar bomb.  Not much more to say.

Homeless Philly man wins journalism award.

Nevada Prisons have PlayStations yanked after using them for…some yanking of their own.

A pit bull licking a guinea pig with love.

WasteLandscape – Paris, France

What happened to all of those promotional discs you used to get in the mail begging to install AOL?  The answer lies here.  Literally.

Taking up space at a former funeral home, they now lie dying in a glimmering….wasteland scape.

The mysterious Adam needs to be thanked again for his contribution and maniacal basement cackling.

Today in the News – August 2, 2011

I saw the sign:  Advertising ambassador claiming Reno’s local billboard laws are violating First Amendment rights. 

San Jose apparently has some pretty good kids.

Louisville apparently has some pretty bad kids. 

They were doing more than dunkin’ their donuts at this shop!

Leave it to Lithuania to solve a problem with a tank…yikes!

“Dirty Mittens” ran through Reno recently, and I really hope they come back.  Their sound currently is like below, and less like their album, and I like the direction they are going.

Classic Skate Shop – The Biggest Little Skate Shop in Reno

It’s no secret, really, I love MidTown Reno.   What is MidTown, you ask?  Roughly between California Ave to Plumb Lane, between Forest Street and Wells Avenue.   There’s places to eat, drink, shop, and hang out.   It’s a real neighborhood, and has everything from trashy to quasi-upscale.  With a little help, even more great tenants moving in, some sidewalk re-doing and some lights, it’s Reno’s most bustling place for local, new business.   I can’t wait to see what happens to it in the next few years—-it is going to be a model of what Reno can be.

So what makes MidTown?  MidTown, like most places, is uniquely the sum of its parts.

One of its parts, is the Classic Skate Shop, tucked neatly in the back of the Never Ender boutique on Cheney Street.   Situated just doors down from The Hub Coffee Company, I had never gone into the Never Ender because I heard it was a “chick store.”  No sooner did I enter in there and discover I was wrong, I eventually explored further and found Eric Lantto sitting in his skate shop.  Introductions and appreciation from my end turned into a long conversation, and lo, what went from a little exploration on my part turned into a great appreciation for a laid-back, business-savvy and cool guy.

Open since December of last year, on the wall are tiled pictures of skaters old and new inside this tiny shop, and when I say tiny, I mean it.  Use of space is remarkable.   It has no shortage of products, mind you, if you’re an active skateboarder, everything is there that you need:  decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, stickers, shirts, hats and more.   No bigger than a bedroom, Eric’s approach to his skate shop is to not be a “fashion shop” for skater lifestyle (hence, he doesn’t want to deal with bulky inventory such as shoes), but to be a shop where a skateboarder can come and buy gear to…skateboard.

Eric started skating in roughly 1984, and growing up in Fallon, his hobby wasn’t always an easy thing to do.  With no skate parks, friends would build ramps, word would get out, and soon skaters from farther away (even Gardnerville and Lake Tahoe) would stop by.   As Eric grew, he realized he’d always be intrinsically involved with skateboarding, and eventually landed in the business side of it.   He’d do everything from punk-style fliers for local skate contests for sponsorships to reviewing videos and working for outfits like Fish Lips, Gold Wing/Entity Skateboards, DC Shoes, and currently, Street League, where he helps as a stage director when his skaters need to be involved with events covered by ESPN.

The uniqueness and vibe from Eric’s shop is evident, even for non-skaters like myself.   A lot of it has to do with Eric’s cool approach, but his knowledge and clean shop, filled with only the brands and lines he backs 100%, speak for themselves.   He’ll size up and match parts to beginners, building their first skateboard from scratch, or just sell the parts more experienced skaters need to keep them rolling forward.   As Eric says, “There are no rules to skateboarding.”

Eric loves what he does, and does what he loves involving skateboarding.  When I stopped in to talk to him the other day for this article, one thing he said hit me:  “This has never been a job for me.”   No wonder he loves it, and hence, is very good at it.  With a second store in his hometown of Fallon first open in May of 2009, he makes the commute quite frequently between here and Reno, and really enjoys having the smaller stores.  With a quickly growing clientele as word gets around, local skaters have a rock-solid local choice of where to go for the stuff they need.

I enjoyed talking with Eric, and am growing to be friends with a great guy, yet another reason why I can’t speak enough about MidTown Reno.  These shops, restaurants, coffee places and bars are owned by some of the best of Reno, what makes Reno….Reno.   Fun, quirky, different, and totally different than downtown proper or whatever strip mall might be in the area.   Next time, I’ll be talking about the Never Ender where Classic Skate Shop is located, because you really can’t have one without the other!

Classic Skate Shop is located…

In Reno:

26 Cheney St, inside Never Ender, south of Maytan Music, west of The Hub
775-348-9440    Facebook: Classic Skate Shop

In Fallon:

Their new location will be:  270 S. Main Street, inside Hazel’s Fashion

Today in the News – July 28, 2011

Trojan asteroid discovered in earth’s orbital path:  good news for when we get our manned space efforts fired up again…

…until then, Juno is headed to Jupiter to unlock the secrets of the creation of the universe.

No status updates from prison…

…but evidently,  you can just post bail by phone anyway.  Ah, technology!

Man wakes up after 21 hours in a morgue fridge.  I bet that was a surprise—-for everyone involved.

Dental dummies…by the maker of “love dolls?” Japan, why are you so weird and awesome?